Description – Rubber cables are known for being highly flexible and durable.  It is a combination of robustness and flexibility that which makes rubber cables perfect to provide power supply to portable electrical equipment and devices. The mechanical stresses involved in moving apparatus require cables to withstand a high degree of wear-and-tear. These cables are designed to withstand extreme weather, oil/grease, and mechanical as well as thermal stresses.

These flexible cables are suitable for a wide range of applications including mobile power supplies, light and heavy duty equipment, submersible pumps, for audio visual equipment, and equipment on construction sites and lastly as welding cables, they provide power from the machine to the tool.

Rubber cables score high on maintenance and hygiene. Being efficient and in-toxic, rubber cables are more productive and profitable to every business. Due to its in-toxic property, these cables are widely used in the food and beverage industry too.

Being resistant to all kind of acids, solvents and chemicals, these cables do not react even when exposed to animal fats and vegetable oils at a higher temperature. Easy to install and maintain, these cables score high in terms of reliability compared to other cables when used in food processing outlets. Due to its water-proof ability, rubber cables are even resistant to steam and hot water.


  • High Quality Copper Wires (Class 5) as per IEC 60228
  • Core Insulation of Rubber
  • Core Identification: Color coded for cores up to 5 (earth wire in 3 cores and above) and for higher cores black cores with white numbering and one earth wire
  • Outer Sheath is of black color Rubber
  • Available in 1 to 5 Cores in sizes ranging from 0.5 to 25
  • Rated Voltage Grade: 450/750 V
  • Temperature Range: Up to 90°C
  • Packed in wooden drums of export quality