Description – This cable is provided with an inner sheath, which allows it to withstand better mechanical stress as compared to the other control cables. Used as data and control cable in machinery, computer systems as well as signal cable in electronics. A high degree of interference protection is ensured due to the high level of screening provided in this type of cable. Depending on the screening density, the disturbance free transmission of all signals and impulses are possible.


  • High Quality Copper Wires (Class 5) as per IEC 60228
  • Core Insulation of Special PVC
  • Core Identification is black cores with white numbering and one earth wire (available for 3 cores and above only)
  • Inner Sheath of grey color PVC
  • ATC Braided Screen
  • Outer Sheath of Transparent PVC
  • Flame Retardant as per IEC 60332-1-2
  • Available in 2 to 27 Cores in sizes ranging from 0.5 to 6
  • Rated Voltage Grade: 300/500 V
  • Temperature Range: Up to 80°C
  • Packed in wooden drums of export quality

*We undertake customization depending up on the client needs and requirements