About Us

Wires and Cables is the foundation of every industry
Is there any one that is oblivious to the requirement of wires and cables for the construction of offices, factories or homes? Wire and cables are the building blocks of every structure built for our essential need of power and on this very principle we at SEECAB takes pride in our business

SEECAB, based in Southern India has been serving the world for the past 8 years and counting. We believe in the development of a diverse and rich work culture which brings to our work floor varied talent and innovative ideas, which contributes to excellent team work. Hence, for these reasons we at SEECAB work single-mindedly to provide pragmatic solutions to all that require our expertise.

Being relatively new in the industry has thrown several obstacles our way but at the end of the day we re-emerge with profound confidence and renewed passion. We at SEECAB are united and work together as family. Our at most priority is customer satisfaction and we ensure that the solutions provided to them is apt for their requirements.

We have a broad range of in house developed products and our R&D team is constantly in pursuit to further develop our products up on the growing demands of the society. We have the facility to provide customized cables for sector specific application based on users changing needs and are backed by a dynamic finance team to provide us the needed support.

Our expertise gained from the various real time applications of wires & cables in general and the pre & post services provided to our customers makes us one of the most fast developing service providers in the nation.

We have been able to provide top services to our esteemed customers and hence have been blessed with the support and trust of our clients.

Our sophisticated systems, efficiently designed logistic process, state of the art factory machinery and equipment, most competent carriers, custom tailored services, and dedication to keep the costs low for end users, help us to provide the perfect solution that aligns well with our clients’ requirements. On this note, we welcome you to our official site and request you to consult with our Industrial experts for your wire & cable needs and rest assured.

Our Vision

Here at SEECAB, we vision to become a leading brand in the wire and cable industry on a global scale. We will expend immense efforts and resources in focusing our attention on our valuable customers and suppliers. Our belief in continuous improvement and innovation will result in our further advancement in the field of Telecommunications, Oil & Gas, Utility, Construction and Renewable Energy Markets and thus, eventually the sustenance of our efforts.

Our aim is to work together with the community to link and connect people’s lives thereby powering the society to advance and flourish. Our keen drive in modernization and sustainability will meet the ever changing and developing power, energy and communications needs of our world in the future. We will achieve this by ensuring reliability and safety through the quality and performance of our cables.

Message from MD

Since its inception in 2010, SEECAB has been actively involved in the Middle East and Indian market. I have had over 35 years of experience in the Wire & Cable markets in the MENA region and have been on the active front lines of trading in this region. I have been able to share my insights and experience effectively with SEECAB giving it ample exposure and knowledge about the growing market needs of the world. SEECAB have been diligently and passionately working with several customers in the cable markets in the MENA region with the complete support of our UAE counterparts and have successfully introduced our products into the global markets.

SEECAB has consistently demonstrated a progressive growth in the organizational capacity, variety of products and market reach. Our Company is highly regarded by our cherished customers and suppliers as a dependable and trustworthy brand which guarantees honesty, quality and safety

We recognize that the brand SEECAB will gain access to larger markets and will align itself to the high pace markets to earn more recognition in the future and thereby enhancing its market share, revenue and ability to diversify its business portfolio.

We are well equipped with a competent workforce, high quality raw materials and state-of-the-art machinery to deliver to our customers the ideal solutions to their energy requirements with the best workmanship, quality and cost.

In recent years our firm has been proactively working to nurture and train our employees to be able to deliver better and unique solutions to our clients. As of date, I am proud to call upon our highly diversified and experienced R&D team who work relentlessly to provide better and advanced solutions to our production and sales departments, so as to gain a competitive edge in the targeted markets.

To conclude, I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the efforts of our valuable employees, suppliers and consultants to continue to work in harmony and contribute their utmost towards the prosperity and advancement of our Company while always keeping its vision and values in mind.  Saying that, I anticipate SEECAB to become your go-to provider of choice for any power and energy solutions that you require and we at SEECAB promise to deliver our level best to not only to provide you results but also post services that which will supersede any quality expected of us.